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Soils and Aggregates - CMT

We offer an extensive on-site evaluation of your project, including soil identification and modification.

Our professional staff includes Geotechnical engineers and qualified Technicians trained to operated the latest technology in density gauges with the objective of provide the fastest and most reliable results for immediate use on the site jobs.

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Geotechnical Engineers are qualified to perform extensive on site analysis of your project, including soils identification and bearing capacity testing

For complex landfill work, our technicians are trained to take shelby tube samples, test fill for compaction, and evaluate the process of clay preparation and placement.

Our in-house lab is well-equipped to handle large volumes of work efficiently, and our experience has prepared us to manage soils workflow in the most expedient manner possible.

We offer a wide range of soils/aggregates laboratories test:

  • Soil properties and classifications
  • Aggregate Unit Weigth
  • Soil and Coarse/Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity
  • Moisture/Density Relationship (Proctor)
  • L.A. Abrasion Test
  • Soundness of Aggregate Tests
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Grain-Size Analysis

To ensure we make the most of our resources, our technicians regularly participate in in-house training seminars and are periodically evaluated as part of our AASHTO accreditation