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Geotechnical Engineering

GW² offers geotechnical engineering services related to all types of constructions. Our vast experience include important private and public projects such as:

  • Buildings With up to 10-Stories, Footprints up to 600,000 Squared Feet , and Column Loads up to 3,300 kips.
  • Hangars, Churches, Public Schools, University Buildings, Multi-Functional Complexes, Dams, Bridges, Roads, Electric Towers, and Retaining Walls.

Field Exploration

Our company provides field exploration services that include:

  • Boring and/or Coring of Subsurface Stratums
  • Soil Sampling and Identification of Soil Profiles
  • Standard Penetration and Texas Cone Penetration Tests
  • Ground Water Level and Hard/Dense Stratums Identification

Laboratory Testing

Following field exploration our professional staff program the the soil samples are classified by one of our project engineers into representative stratums. Based on the project scope, client requirements, and the soils encountered a set of laboratory tests are planed. These tests include:

  • Moisture Content, Atterberg Limits, and Sieve Analysis
  • Standard and Modified Proctor
  • California Bering Ratio (CBR)
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength, Swell, and Consolidation
  • Bulk Density and Rock Quality Designation (RQD)

Engineering Evaluation and Recommendations

Based on the particular conditions of the project, the results of our field exploration, laboratory testing and our experience, we provide suitable engineering evaluation and recommendations. These include but are not limited to:

  • Foundation Systems, Bearing Capacities and Floor Slabs
  • Estimated Settlement and Potential Vertical Rise
  • Lateral Load Parameters for Piers and Retaining Walls
  • Soil Profiles and Expansive Soil Mitigation
  • Hot-Mixed Asphaltic Concrete and Rigid Pavement
  • Anticipated Grade Changes and Subgrade Preparation
  • Select Fill and Surface Drainage

Our project history encompasses literally hundreds of successfully completed projects. GW² looks forward to assisting you on your next project.