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Cementitious - CMT

GW² covers all the aspects of concrete and masonary testing and inspection,  regardless of the size and type or project.

comprehensive analysis of each batch of concrete to determine compliance with the mix design:

  • High performance concrete mix designs
  • Portland concrete mix design
  • Petrographic Analysis
  • In-site Evaluation
  • Consulting for construction material selection, compatibility and acceptability.

Our personnel is qualified for all aspects of concrete/masonry testing and inspection. Our design staff includes members of nationally recognized ACI (American Concrete Institute) committees, our field inspection staff is led by individuals holding ACI Concrete Field Inspector certification, and our technicians are all ACI Concrete Field Technician Level I certified.

GW² supplies ACI-certified technicians for all phases of the construction process, including form erection, steel placement, pour inspections, and post-pour inspections. Our firm's experience in concrete field inspection ranges from small pours to major scale slabs, from curbs to bridge decks. All cylindrical specimens cast by Advance Testing are processed in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM specifications