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Asphalt - CMT

A review of your Asphalt Batch Plant, by our engineers, to ensure that the mix design required for the project is being produced. If required we will obtain all samples required to verify the mix design and other criteria.

Our laboratory conducts tests for materials evaluations   and mix designs for asphalt mixtures thatare used to  pave parking lots, streets, highways and airfields. 

We also provide quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) tests during construction and perform forensic analyses of existing facilities.

In the event of a pavement failure on your project, we can perform in-situ testing of the asphalt and the underlying base materials to assess the reason for the failure. Using the latest techonlogy our tests includes coring the asphalt and performing laboratory testing on the samples obtained as well as augering through the underlying base and sub base materials to determine the suitability of these materials for road base construction